David R. Liu: 16 Key Publications (from > 190 total)

“The Generality of DNA-Templated Synthesis as a Basis for Evolving Non-Natural Small Molecules” Gartner, Z. J. and Liu, D. R.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 123, 6961-6963 (2001).  PDF PMC2820563

“DNA-Templated Organic Synthesis and Selection of a Library of Macrocycles” Gartner, Z. J.; Tse, B. N.; Grubina, R.; Doyon, J. B.; Snyder, T. M.; Liu, D. R. Science 305, 1601-1605 (2004). PDF PMC2648815

“Reaction Discovery Enabled by DNA-Templated Synthesis and In Vitro Selection” Kanan, M. W.; Rozenman, M. M.; Sakurai, K.; Snyder, T. M., Liu, D. R. Nature 431, 545-549 (2004). PDF PMC2814052

“Supercharging Proteins Can Impart Extraordinary Resilience” Lawrence, M. S.; Phillips, K. J.; Liu, D. R. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129, 10110-10112 (2007). PDF PMC2820565

“A System for the Continuous Directed Evolution of Biomolecules” Esvelt, K. M.; Carlson, J. C.; Liu, D. R. Nature 472, 499–503 (2011). PDF PMC4215169

“Experimental Interrogation of the Path Dependence and Stochasticity of Protein Evolution Using Phage-Assisted Continuous Evolution” Dickinson, B. C.; Leconte, A. M.; Allen, B.; Esvelt, K. M.; Liu, D. R. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 9007-9012 (2013). PDF PMC3670371

“Anti-Diabetic Activity of Insulin-Degrading Enzyme Inhibitors Mediated by Multiple Hormones” Maianti, J. P.; McFedries, A.; Foda, Z. H.; Kleiner, R. E.; Du, X.-Q.; Leissring, M. A.; Tang, W.-J.; Charron, M. J.; Seeliger, M. A.; Saghatelian, A.; Liu, D. R. Nature 511, 94-98 (2014). PDF PMC4142213

“Cationic Lipid-Mediated Delivery of Proteins Enables Efficient Protein-Based Genome Editing In Vitro and In Vivo” Zuris, J. A.; Thompson, D. B.; Shu, Y.; Guilinger, J. P.; Bessen, J. L.; Hu, J. H.; Maeder, M. L.; Joung, J. K.; Chen, Z.-Y.; Liu, D. R. Nat. Biotechnol. 33, 73-80 (2015). PDF PMC4289409

“Continuous Evolution of B. thuringiensis Toxins Overcomes Insect Resistance” Badran, A. H.; Guzov, V. M.; Huai, Q.; Kemp, M. M.; Vishwanath, P.; Kain, W.; Evdokimov, A.; Moshiri, F.; Turner, K. H.; Wang, P.; Malvar, T.; Liu, D. R. Nature 533, 58-63 (2016). PDF PMC4865400

“Programmable Editing of a Target Base in Genomic DNA Without Double-Stranded DNA Cleavage” Komor, A. C.; Kim, Y. B.; Packer, M. S.; Zuris, J. A.; Liu, D. R. Nature 533, 420-424 (2016). PDF PMC4873371

“Programmable Base Editing of A•T to G•C in Genomic DNA Without DNA Cleavage” Gaudelli, N. M.; Komor, A. C.; Rees, H. A.; Packer, M. S.; Badran, A. H.; Bryson, D. I.; Liu, D. R. Nature 551, 464-471 (2017). PDF PMC5726555

“Treatment of Autosomal Dominant Hearing Loss by In Vivo Delivery of Genome Editing Agents” Gao, X.; Lamas, V.; Huang, M.; Yeh, W.-H.; Pan, B.; Hu, Y.-J.; Hu, J. H.; Thompson, D. B.; Shu, Y.; Li, Y.; Wang, H.; Yang, S.; Xu, Q.; Polley, D. B.; Liberman, M. C.; Kong, W.-J.; Holt, J. R.; Chen, Z.-Y.; Liu, D. R. Nature 553, 217-221 (2018). PDF PMC5784267

“Rewritable multi-event analog recording in bacterial and mammalian cells” Tang, W; Liu, D.R. Science 360, eaap8992 (2018). PDF PMC5898985.

“Evolved Cas9 Variants with Broad PAM Compatibility and High DNA Specificity” Hu, J. H.; Miller, S. M.; Geurts, M. H.; Tang, W.; Chen, L.; Sun, N.; Zeina, C.; Gao, X.; Rees. H. A.; Lin, Z.; Liu, D. R. Nature 556, 57-63 (2018). PDF PMC5951633

“Search-and-replace genome editing without double-strand breaks or donor DNA.”  Anzalone, A.V.; Randolph, P.B.; Davis, J.R.; Sousa, A.A.; Koblan, L.W.; Levy, J.M.; Chen, P.J.; Wilson, C.; Newby, G.A.; Raguram, A.; Liu, D.R. Nature,  576149157 (2019). PDF SI

An interbacterial cytidine deaminase toxin enables mitochondrial base editing. Mok, B. Y; de Moraes, M. H; Zeng, J; Bosch, D. E; Kotrys, A. V; Raguram, A.; Hsu, F; Radey, M.C; Broko Peterson, B; Mootha, V.K; Mougous, J.D;  Liu, D. R. Nature. available online (2020). PDF SI